Malta College of Pharmacy Practice


The Malta College of Pharmacy Practice (MCPP) is an autonomous academic institution whose objective is to encourage, foster and maintain the highest possible standards of pharmacy practice in Malta through continuing education. The College was founded in 1995 to facilitate the participation of pharmacists in life-long learning, thereby contributing to their professional development. The establishment of the MCPP has provided the profession with an organisation that provides structured, consistant, postgraduate pharmacy education courses.

Over the past few years the MCPP has evolved and improved its services in order to meet the current needs of pharmacists. The events organised require active involvement from the participants. The strength of these meeting lies in the interaction between practitioners in community, hospital, academia, industry and government and therefore provide an excellent forum for exchange of ideas and networking.

While the Malta College of Pharmacy Practice is an autonomous institution it enjoys the support of the University of Malta and the other pharmacy institutions in Malta.


The General Meeting of the Malta College of Pharmacy Practice was held on 27th October 2015.
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